Cady is a multi-talented female videographer in the Seattle area. With a business and portrait photography background, her area of expertise is crafting enticing, short form videos and takes care in creating videos optimized for social media engagement. She loves working with entrepreneurs, marketers, and social media influencers to incorporate video into their marketing strategy.

Cady is bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese. 

Her appreciation for creative advertisements, documenting moments, and historical asian dramas have all contributed to her engaging video style. 



Can you shoot a short 1-3min highlight video of our conference/workshop? What are your rates and turnaround? 

A: Yes I love shooting business workshops and events! You can see examples of them here and here. If your event is less than 3 hrs, we can do a project rate (starting at $300+). If event requires a longer time commitment, I suggest half day ($500) or full day rate ($800), with editing being separate (starts at $200). 

I have a great video idea, and need some help developing it. Can you help? 

A: Yes. Happy to help develop your vision and find out how to best incorporate video into your marketing and branding efforts. Reach out via the contact form or DM on Instagram. Let's hop on a 30 min call to talk it through. 

I'm building up my Instagram content, and want to heavily use it to promote my business. What would you recommend?

A: Having high-quality, consistent Instagram content will help you in achieving your business/influencer goals. My goal is to make it less stressful for you, and we can work out a good ongoing monthly/bimonthly shoot to batch-produce your Instagram content. I will handle all the shooting and editing - you'll have a month's worth of ready photos to post. If you're ready to do so- please reach out to schedule a call. 

What gear do you use? 

A: I use Sony alpha series. For lens, I'm usually shooting on a 30mm f1.4, and 18-105mm f4. I typically shoot handheld, with a stabilizer, or with a gorilla pod. 


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