Hi and welcome to CadyzFilms. Here's our most popular moody Lightroom preset we use for you to download at absolutely no charge by using the coupon: CZFPRESETS. 


Why is it called the Shortest Distance? Just a poetic, sappy title for an intensely warm-toned, moody preset. This one's for all the sentimental wild lovers. If you are interested in purchasing the full preset pack, this one is Preset #2 in the Shortest Distance Preset bundle (6-pack) available here. Enjoy! 


What's a preset? Adobe Lightroom is an editing program that lets you change the mood of any photographs you take. Simply put, a preset is like an advanced photo filter you use to apply to photographs.  

Shortest Distance LR Preset #2

  • You need to have Adobe Lightroom installed on your desktop computer. To install Lightroom, go to Adobe.com to subscribe to their monthly services. Once you have Lightroom, you'll import the preset files in: Open Lightroom > Go to the Editing Toolbar > Open Presets > Open Presets Folder > drag the .lrtemplate files to the folder.


  • Why would I need a "preset bundle" when this free download should be enough? Great question! The reason most people need a preset bundle is for variety of lighting situations. It must be noted, one preset does not fit all. The download of this one is a great starting point for editors, but the best value comes from getting the full bundle which is literally tested to work on all your photos. It saves you so much time, and I know your time more valuable than tweaking preset filters all the time.