About us

Short-Form Video Expert

Cady specializes in crafting high-engagement short-form video content optimized for social media. She enjoys working with ambitious business owners, marketers, and content creators to use video to help grow their brands.

University of Washington // Ex-Amazon // Launched multiple service-based businesses 


Ask About: 

  • Full-Service Video Production  

  • Product Photography 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Amazon Storefront  


[ Q ] What are your rates and turnaround? 

A: Contact for pricing. I am flexible and happy to work with a variety of budgets.  

Feel free to book a free consult call with me to talk through options.

If you have a good idea on project - navigate to "Contact Us" to fill out form. 

Turnaround: Depends on project. A standard turnaround you can expect is 2-4 business days once planning is completed. This excludes complex video projects with several locations and actors. 

[ Q ] What are some project ideas you could help me with? 

Some projects people approach me for: 

  • Brand videos (i.e. 1-3 minute video introducing brand, or explaining how to use product) 

  • Instagram reels / ongoing video content (i.e. Instagram Reels, TikTok videos) 

  • Product photography (i.e. styled photos for website and Amazon listing) 

  • Instagram social media management (i.e. manage Instagram account and post x/week)

  • Batch content creation (i.e. can we create a week/month's worth of photos for my fashion blog) 

  • Online course video editing (i.e. edit modules in my online course / virtual event) 

[ Q ] I have a great video idea, and need some help developing it. Can you help? 

A: Yes. Happy to help develop your vision and find out how to best incorporate video into your marketing and branding efforts. Reach out via the contact form or instagram DM. 

Message subject line "VIDEO IDEA HELP"

I'm building up my Instagram content, and want to heavily use it to promote my business. What would you recommend?

A: It is super important to have high-quality, consistent Instagram content - 1) brand awareness and 2) building trust. This leads to more clients, positioning yourself as a thought leader, and business revenue for you.


My goal is to make social media stress-free and save you time.

I offer monthly packages for batch content creation AND social media management. If you're ready to do so- please reach out to schedule a call



[ Q ] How does "remote" video project work? What's your workflow?  

A: Great question! With the pandemic, I've shifted into a primarily remote product photographer and videographer, with exceptions if business is local to Seattle. 

Example Product Video Project: 

Task: Shoot a candle video for my website and socials 

Result: Brand awareness and increased candle sales 

Timeline: 3-4 weeks 

Client will provide product, ship to address. 

We plan and shoot the product, then post-production (editing). 

Client receives first draft by email, which client approves or provides feedback. 

Client will then receive video after feedback gets incorporated. 

Done! And we offer a complimentary strategy call to help you implement.